Innovate for Impact: Change the World

When you innovate for impact, magic happens.

This past weekend—in collaboration with Nova Labs—I was honored to help host a 3-day TOM Makeathon for assistive technology. The event connected innovators and technologists with disabled individuals for the sole purpose of designing life improving tools and technological solutions to impact their everyday lives. The outcome was nothing short of incredible.

Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) is a non-profit organization based out of Tel Aviv, whose name literally means “to repair the world,” in Hebrew. By partnering with local maker spaces, they’ve globally held 10 such events and continue to expand their reach daily.

What’s remarkable about these challenges is the design process. By combining diverse talent and embedding the individuals with special needs, the process becomes iterative, intuitive, and purposefully anchored from start to finish. Far too often, purpose can get lost during the design and prototyping phase—not to mention the understanding of broader technological impact and of the core customer.

These such events are a reminder to us all, that simple solutions to complex problems do exist. Magic can happen when you innovate for impact.

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