Welcome to the new H.S. Dracones

New and Improved!.png

Welcome to the H.S. Dracones re-launch. We’ve been busy restructuring the company and our service offerings to roll out a more robust platform addressing the technology transition challenges facing many companies.

So, what’s new? A lot, actually.

  • We’ve added two new PartnersMeet Meredith Hanbury and Kate Lucey!  

Meredith has years of consulting experience with senior leadership at DARPA, serving as the primary integrator of agency-level initiatives, communications, and events for senior DARPA leadership. She also has prior experience with a market influence firm, working with companies, nonprofits, and government agencies to work on initiatives that improve public health, global security, and sustainability.
Kate is sociolinguist, an expert in how language is used in interaction. She applies that knowledge by helping companies, from multi-million dollar corporations to sole proprietorships, improve their communication, and ultimately their relationships, with their clients. She has experience in website content development, client feedback analysis, team leadership coaching, and computer mediated communication like email and text messaging.
  • We’ve restructured our core service offerings to better align with—and meet the exact needs of –our clients.  We’ve also released a new suite of additional services aimed at providing a more comprehensive and agile toolbox of capabilities, allowing us to deploy only the necessary tools you need at a particular time.

  • We’ve teamed up with venture capitalist firms to offer our clients easy access to funds perfectly aligned with their interest areas, and

  • We’ve launched our Commercialization Boot Camp series designed to help small firms gain all the necessary knowledge to build profitable businesses from their government R&D programs and execute their business development goals.

We are very excited to share this all with you and know that our combined expertise will only accentuate and expand upon our capabilities in providing the best support possible in navigating technology transition.

Welcome to the new H.S. Dracones –your technology matchmaker.


Keli Kedis Ogborn