Why should we care? Communicating the right information.


So much goes on behind the scenes in today’s world – people know how to use technology, but they don’t know how it works, or why. While it might be tempting to blame them for their ignorance, the truth is that most people just don’t have room in their lives to hold onto the mechanics of how their dishwasher works or what the cloud really is. Yet, when it comes to differentiating your technology from the norm, it often comes down to mechanics.

That puts scientists and engineers in a real bind. You don’t have the time to give your funders, for instance, a physics lesson. Instead, you need to figure out a way to approximate the differences and help them understand the real crux of the issue – leaving the details to the experts who really understand and care.

Figuring out what that critical issue is can be incredibly challenging, especially to the engineer who has so thoughtfully and painstakingly made decisions at every step of the way. Finding that differentiator comes down to recognizing the impact of even a small change can be several steps down the road.

Think of baking a batch of biscuits. Basic baking powder biscuits all call for some combination of flour, butter, milk, and sugar. And yet, some recommend melting the butter, while others instruct you to small-dice it cold. Keeping the rest of the recipe the same, your biscuits will still be quite different depending on which type of butter you use.

So how do you choose?

You don’t decide by how the biscuits look like while you are mixing them, or what the dough feels like as you put them in the pan. Bakers and/or chemists might be able to explain what the difference between butter strategies is on a chemical level, but most of us don’t really care. You wait to see what they taste like.

It doesn’t matter how many and what type of dominos are between the first and the last one, but people do need to know that the connection exists.

What is the experience difference between your technology and the standard? Why does the change you’ve made matter? That is what your customers, stakeholders, and funders need to know. If you don’t have the answer prepared yet, don’t worry – we can help you get there. We are excellent bakers.