Companies face many challenges when transitioning from research and development, challenges that go beyond basic entrepreneurial obstacles. There are real-world difficulties with technology adoption, stakeholder communication, and business scalability. This boot camp series helps close the gap on the specific issues keeping you from getting where you want to be. Our goal is that upon completion of the program, you will have all of the necessary tools to scale your business and escape the “tech valley of death.”

 We work with our clients on custom solutions, because every technology is unique and every company requires something different – be it further product development, identifying new markets, or finding the influencers who will further your transition goals. While everyone has their particular strengths, there may be areas where you require specific expertise to round out your strategy. These offerings address the most common challenges we see companies face as they transition out of government funding.

We work with your company to create a personalized experience.  We never carry out the same program twice - you and your team are the only people in the room.  Plan to dedicate between 1-3 days to each skill area with the comprehensive program completed in no more than 6 weeks. What makes this program so unique is that it goes beyond business coaching and consulting. We actually give you the tools you need to succeed. After just 6 weeks you will walk away with a completely personalized Commercialization Field Guide that outlines your unique BD strategy, and the steps to making it a reality. This customization and swift timeline allows your organization to transition to commercialization as soon as possible, ensuring you avoid significant lag time and costly mistakes.

Our program provides foundational building blocks to a strong strategy. The skills are categorized and sequenced - Cornerstone, Keystone, and Capstone. Depending on your situation, you may need to strengthen some or all of these skills to get where you need to be.


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Cornerstone: Business Planning and Growth

You need to create a solid business foundation before you can transition your technology and court potential customers. In this Cornerstone class, we build your business plan and develop your company's growth strategy based on your choice markets and customer base. This includes market identification, product adaptability, client fulfillment, and execution.

Keystone: Marketing and Strategic Brand Management

In collaboration with a marketing company, you will learn the tools for successful brand management through both traditional marketing techniques and novel online approaches. Additionally, we will create personalized marketing materials and strategic language for your future use.

Keystone: Communications, Messaging, and Storytelling

If you can’t get your message across, how will you transition your technology? In this course, you will work with an expert on the personal development of your message – how to communicate the right story to the right audience. You will learn the tools to accurately interpret the culture and motivations of your target audience and gain an understanding of how your communication style resonates with your desired customers.

Keystone: Technical Roadmap

In this course, you will be paired with a technical expert in your field, who will conduct an in-depth analysis of your technology and develop a technical roadmap to ensure market compliance and customer fulfillment.

Keystone: Coalition Building and Influencing Stakeholders

There are many factors that play a significant role in technology transition, but overall, business is still people driven. In this course, we will help you identify your customer base, key stakeholders, and market influencers. At the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive plan of action for engagement – who to engage, how to pique their interest, and what to engage them on.

Capstone: Finding Funds

This course contains a full analysis of your technological capability and access to our extensive network of potential funding sources. We will match your needs and strategy with funding mechanisms – venture capitalists, impact investing funds, potential customers, or additional government funding.