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The “tech valley of death” is filled with great technologies that were never able to successfully transition from incubation to commercialization.

These ideas failed not because of any fundamental flaws, but due to poor business strategy and execution. This 6 week program walks you through preventive measures to common challenges to ensure yours is one of the ideas that makes it.



Companies face many challenges when commercializing technology—challenges that go beyond basic entrepreneurial obstacles. There are real-world difficulties with technology adoption, market forecasting, stakeholder communication, and business scalability. This innovation accelerator provides key insights to address the most common challenges companies face when growing their businesses in the technology space.

The innovation accelerator, condensed into a 6-week format, allows a swift transition to the commercial market and ensures you avoid significant lag time and costly mistakes. Upon completion of the program, you will have the necessary tools to set your company up for success—such as a business plan, financial model, and pitch deck for future investors. Our goal is to take you beyond basic business coaching and enable you to independently grow your business.

Every technology is unique and while everyone has their particular strengths, there may be areas where you require specific expertise to round out your strategy. This innovation accelerator will help you fill in the gaps and ensure you begin with a solid foundation.


Courses begin April 9, 2018 and run through May 17, 2018. Prior to program start, each company will complete a questionnaire on their company’s structure, experience, and goals.  This questionnaire will give us a better understanding of each company’s expectations for the program, your unique perspective, potential pitfalls or concerns, and idiosyncrasies that make your technology special.


Registration will open on March 19, 2018 at 8am EST and close on March 30, 2018 at 8pm EST. Registration is not limited per team.


Courses will be virtually taught on and will run for one week in succession. Each class equals 8 hours of curriculum and is broken down into 2 hour increments per night. Classes will take place Monday – Thursday from 8pm-10pm EST.


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Creating a solid business foundation for market interaction and internal growth. Learn the fundamentals of building your business plan and developing your company's growth strategy based on your choice markets and customer base. This includes market identification, product adaptability, client fulfillment, and execution. In this course you will build a comprehensive roadmap for your company’s future.


Business Law-Structuring your Entity and Protecting your IP

LLC, S Corporation, Partnership—the list goes on and on. The type of business entity you choose depends on several factors and it is crucial to find which is the best fit for your company, as it will impact your tax structure, your personal liability, and your ability to raise money. Equally as important is understanding the basics of intellectual property law and how to protect yours. At the end of this course, you will have the knowledge to successfully navigate business law basics.



If you cannot get your message across, how will you sell your technology? In this course, you will develop your message and learn how to adapt it so you can always tell the right story to the right audience. This means both acquiring the tools to accurately interpret the culture and motivations of your target audience and gaining an understanding of how your communication style resonates with your desired customers.


marketing and strategic brand management

In collaboration with an expert, you will learn the tools for successful brand management through both traditional marketing techniques and novel online approaches. Additionally, we'll help you create personalized marketing materials and strategic language for your future use. 


engaging stakeholders and building a coalition

Business is people driven and success requires thoughtful strategy in your product as well as your relationships. In this course, we will help you identify your customer base, key stakeholders, and market influencers and practice effective strategies on how to properly engage these audiences to maximize your effort and return on investment. You will walk away with a comprehensive plan of action for engagement: who to engage, how to pique their interest, and what to engage them on.


sales and client ACQUISITION

There is no business without sales and clients. We’ll help you identify the sales tactics and new client acquisition practices you should employ to build your desired business.


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