Messaging Strategy and Narrative Building - Tailor the Right Message to the Right Audience


The pitch deck is a myth. Your story needs to change according to the person you’re telling it to. People make decisions based on their worldviews and their needs, not just their job description. Communicate your work’s impact in a language that they understand and relate to.

This applies across all mediums and platforms.

At H.S. Dracones, our business practices hinge on the core belief that technology is not one-size-fits-all, and neither are people. We can assist with the following:

  • What’s your Impact? - Translate your technology so others can understand and appreciate its value.

  • Position your Work - Explain exactly (and we mean exactly) how what you do can benefit the person you are engaging. New person, new message - every time. This includes: guidance on briefings and presentations, narrative outlines, speeches, and stakeholder meetings.

  • Put Pen to Paper - Capture your ideas in ink (or pixels). We work with you to write, edit, and rework materials that are necessary for your business. This includes: white papers, grant applications, pitch decks, websites, marketing materials, posters, thought leadership pieces, etc.

*Our approach is grounded in the theory and practice of sociolinguistics; this is the study of language in society - how our societal contexts impact our language choices, and how the contexts of others impact the way that language is received. What we do is more than translate the private sector and the government. All of our work passes through the lens of language - having this knowledge and expertise at their disposal is what allows our clients to reach their goals and make sure their message is heard.