Persona Canvas


Find your connection…


These “Persona Canvases” are meant to help you find the strongest connection between you and your stakeholder. Fill out one for you and one for them, and then compare the two to identify a common theme. This becomes the starting point for your future relationship and allows you to identify what they care about most and what you have to offer to fill that gap.

There are two canvases - one labeled “your persona” and one labeled “their persona.”

Your Persona This helps you clarify the different aspects of your own business offering. Separating out the various components allows you to zero in on which of them is the most relevant to your customer or stakeholder at a given time.

NOTE: Challenges/Gaps is an INTERNAL list - these are the areas you know your team or product needs to continue to work on. Perhaps you need to hire someone with a certain skill set, or your product has a shortcoming you are working to mitigate. Competition is an EXTERNAL list - there are things that exist outside of your control that might divert money, attention, or goodwill away from you.

Their Persona
This helps you better understand and empathize with the individual you are hoping to engage. Fill this out from the point of view of the other person to find out what they care about and what makes them tick.

NOTE: The center square calls for an individual’s name rather than the name of the organization because communicating happens between you and a person, not you and a company. All of the squares should therefore include information geared toward that individual in relation to the company. 

Bringing it all together. Fill out the bottom right square last. Having completed both canvases, you should start to see some common themes and pain points emerge, that you are able to address. The goal is to understand what is the MOST RELEVANT information to discuss with them at any given time. This will require you to match the boxes on yours to the box on theirs that your solution addresses. After some practice, you will you will start to identify a clear communication path forward.