Baseline Commercialization and Business Strategy Session


Discover what commercialization means for your business. Understand your strengths, weaknesses, competency gaps, and biggest risks. Arrive at a clear go/no-go decision before you start your customer discovery efforts.

Over the course of two days we will create a comprehensive roadmap for your commercialization strategy. Through a series of questions and exercises we will help you take an objective look at your company’s strategy and goals. This process highlights the known-unknowns you’ll undoubtedly face during commercialization and helps you focus your efforts for maximum impact and success.

We start with an inventory of all your potential product paths, capabilities, and markets. We then synthesize and define these options using a process designed to evaluate the merits and viability of each. The result is a clear understanding of how your product plays within each market, who your core advocates and customers are, and what messages to engage them on. All of this will help you decide what path makes the most sense for your business.

Lastly, based on your preferred path, we create a detailed roadmap of the specific deliverables necessary to steadily move you towards your commercialization goals.

This session is accompanied by our workbook.