Commercialization Workbook


We designed this workbook to help focus your efforts on all of the critical aspects of a commercialization strategy. There is more to know than what you do and who your customers are. By broadening the scope of your initial product discovery, you’ll ensure nothing falls though the cracks. The basic framework is used for our Baseline Commercialization and Business Strategy Session.

The workbook is broken down into three main parts and each section has been carefully crafted to highlight questions that are often overlooked, or put on the back-burner, during the beginning stages of commercialization planning.  These concepts are just as impactful to long term success as having a viable product. It is important to complete the sections in order, as each one helps influence the section that follows.

Core Questions: Break down and define your value and grand vision: the problem your company solves, who it will impact, and why they should care.

By answering these questions, you'll begin to put the building blocks in place for your coalition and messaging strategy. This section helps inform your business development—who to target and how to target them for growth in community, support, and potential opportunities.

Strategic Planning: A breakdown of what your product looks like and how it plays within the market. This section informs your growth plan.

Be sure to answer each question thoroughly and identify any gaps you may have. Take a look at each subsection and answer them thoughtfully, leaving no task incomplete.

Tactical Actions: Using your answers from the core questions and strategic planning, we dig into the specifics about how to execute your strategic path ahead, in order to ensure you are properly set up for growth.


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